The North Dakota Studies website is a collaborative project by the North Dakota Humanities Council, Prairie Public Broadcasting, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

This North Dakota Studies website promotes the teaching of North Dakota history, geography, culture, and other subjects by providing lesson plans, videos, curriculum, and images for use by teachers, students, and the general public.

The North Dakota Humanities Council
The North Star Dakotan is a series of educational articles covering North Dakota history from the time of the dinosaurs through the modern day. Read the issues chronologically, complete with teacher resources. Articles come complete with images, related videos and resources, and other supplementary resources.

 North Central Council for School Television and
  Prairie Public Broadcasting

The NCCST sponsors the North Dakota Studies website through Education Services at Prairie Public. Prairie Public Broadcasting is a trusted public service dedicated to building an exciting and productive future for the prairie and its people. Prairie Public Broadcasting offers a window on the world through national and regional television and radio programming; creates a forum for the most important issues facing our region with locally produced, topical documentaries; partners with others to foster education for all ages; and utilizes digital technology and Web services to expand those valued services. Beginning with a single television transmitter in Fargo, Prairie Public Broadcasting has grown to become the premier broadcaster of public television and radio services throughout the prairie region.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota
In order to assist public and nonpublic schools to meet the course requirements outlined in NDCC 15.1-21-01 and 15.1-21-02, the North Dakota Studies Project has developed print and online curriculum materials and resources for Grade 4, Grade 8, and high school. 

In addition, the North Dakota Studies Project, in collaboration with the Game and Fish Department, has developed and published five Habitats of North Dakota units to promote wildlife conservation and resource management.  The North Dakota Studies Project has also created a number of primary “document sets” to accompany and assist with the articles in the high school North Dakota History textbook. The document sets are intended to provide further research, inquiry, and understanding for students and teachers investigating the fascinating history of North Dakota.  The document sets include original manuscripts, photographs, maps, and photographs of artifacts gathered from the archives of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

North Dakota Blue Book Available on Digital Horizons

Past editions of the North Dakota Blue Book are available on Digital Horizons! The Blue Book is easy to use, authoritative, statistical and narrative profile of North Dakota's government, geography, economy and culture, published periodically since 1889.

Click here to search Digital Horizons for the "Blue Book."

This Day in ND History

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