European War Worries Most North Dakotans; Most Against Intervention

The war in Europe has been going on for over a year. The Central Powers (Germany and Austria) and the Allied Powers (England and France) are engaged in bloody trench warfare in western Europe. To the east Russia, an ally of England and France, is in fierce combat against the German armies. Neither side is close to winning the war.

War posters from Europe. Courtesy of the British Museum.

In this country President Woodrow Wilson is advancing a program of preparedness, in case the United States becomes involved in the war.  The preparedness movement has little support in North Dakota. Its representatives in Congress have voted against Wilson’s plan to enlarge the army and navy. Most North Dakotans blame the munitions makers for pushing the preparedness movement.

War posters from Europe. Courtesy of the British Museum.

From all corners of the state come demands that the United States stay neutral in the conflict. Many fear that British propaganda will influence Americans to enter the war on the Allied side. British propaganda posters are making their way to this country.  They depict the Germans, who are referred to as Huns, in the worst possible way. Here in Fryburg, Gerald P. Nye, the editor of the Pioneer, vows that he will not support American intervention until the Kaiser’s German army marches on American soil.

By Dr. D. Jerome Tweton


Originally published as The North Star Dakotan student newspaper, written by Dr. D. Jerome Tweton and supported by the North Dakota Humanities Council.

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