Sports Briefs

October 31, 1939

Six-man football has caught on all over the state. The North Dakota Consolidated League organized the sport here three years ago for small schools. Now over 180 participate. A team consists of two ends, a center, a halfback, a fullback, and quarterback. The playing field is 80 by 40 yards. Sectional and regional play leads to a state tournament. This year the West Fargo Packers defeated the Westhope Sioux, 18-14; last year the Drake Trojans edged out the Minnewaukan Midgets, 38-34; in 1937 the P. Panthers beat the Haynes Trojans, 47-19; and in 1936 the Ray Jays lost to the Sykeston Wildcats, 30-19.

October 24, 1938

Undefeated this season, the Mohall Yellowjackets, an eleven-man, Class B football team, dared any team in the state to play them for an unofficial state title. The Fessenden Orioles took the challenge. The final score was Fessenden 7, Mohall, 0. A new champ has been crowned.

1938 Fessenden champs. Courtesy of D. Jerome Tweton.

March 3, 1933

The Lankin Lions have just defeated the Eckelson Eagles 37-17 in the small-town basketball tournament’s title game. The Lankin boys have won five titles in the last six years. Their other wins have been over the Pingree Wildcats, the Killdeer Pirates, the Svea Midgets, and the Dodge Bobcats.

October 17, 1933

The Tioga girls’ basketball squad has won the county champion’s playoff s, defeated Berthold by 25 to 2. Last year Plaza was victorious over Hamlet in the title game, 52-14.

By Dr. D. Jerome Tweton


Originally published as The North Star Dakotan student newspaper, written by Dr. D. Jerome Tweton and supported by the North Dakota Humanities Council.

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