State’s Colleges See Rapid Growth

November 15, 1915

Lewis F. Crawford, the new chair of the Board of Regents, reports rapid expansion of college education. Over 3,000 students are enrolled in our eight institutions. In addition to the University, which opened in 1883, the Agricultural College and Valley City and May-ville normal schools opened in 1890; the Industrial and Normal School at Ellendale in 1899; the School of Science in Wahpeton in 1904; the School of Forestry at Bottineau in 1907. In 1913 Minot Normal School began instruction and there is talk of a new one for Dickinson.
Crawford, a Harvard graduate, is especially proud that professional education is now available. The University has courses of study in law, engineering, and medicine. The Agricultural College offers pharmacy, veterinary medicine, engineering, and architecture

New buildings on college campuses.  Courtesy of D. Jerome Tweton.

By Dr. D. Jerome Tweton


Originally published as The North Star Dakotan student newspaper, written by Dr. D. Jerome Tweton and supported by the North Dakota Humanities Council.

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