Education: North Dakota's Challenge, North Dakota's Future: No Child Left Behind

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Half of North Dakota’s school population is in the largest eight school districts, indication of how much more urbanized the state has become.  The challenge is to continue to provide a good education to all students, whatever their school’s size and location.

President Bush’s controversial “No Child Left Behind Act” provides a new set of challenges for rural schools.  North Dakota has taken a hard-line approach to implement the standards in the law, including the standardized student tests in math and reading, qualifications for teachers, and supplemental services for students not well suited to rural schools in rural states.  Other challenges are Indian schools working to meet standards and providing a quality education and consolidation, an issue since 1906 and continuing to the present.  In small schools with limited budgets, meeting some of the requirements is very difficult.

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Kim Stenehjem (Producer); Dave Geck, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad (Videographers)


Education: North Dakota's Challenge, North Dakota's Future, Prairie Public Television (2006)

Grade Level

3 - 5

Subject Matter

Social Studies

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