Keep the Faith: The Big Big Flood

In the spring of 1997 the Red River flooded and water levels were extremely high in Grand Forks.  Temporary sandbag dikes broke leading to widespread property damage.  60,000 people from the Grand Forks area were evacuated from their homes.  75% of homes in Grand Forks were affected by the flood and 99% of homes in East Grand Forks were affected.  Additionally, 315 businesses were impacted affecting 3,775 employees.  After the flood 60,000 tons of debris were hauled away.

The Summer Performing Arts group, a non-profit theater company, wrote a musical play based on the flood tragedy called “Keep the Faith.”  A name taken from repeated quotes from Grand Forks Mayor, Pat Owens.  More than 20,000 people attended ten consecutive sold out shows.  The play is intended to show the resilient spirit of the people of North Dakota and to make you laugh and cry.

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G. Arntson, A. Berg, D. Geck, T. Jensen, T. Jordahl


Keep the Faith 1998 Prairie Public Television, Carrie Pierce (Producer)