Lesson Plan: How To Be Centered

Written By: Julie Costello
Grade Level: 6th Grade (but appropriate for 4-8)

Time Allotment

1 -10 class periods, 45 minutes in length as determined by topic and teacher.


Students will use skills and knowledge that they have learned while learning about China to investigate and apply other knowledge about China using Multiple Intelligences and a variety of Learning Styles.
Downloadable Content
Lesson Plan
Sheet Chinas Great Wall.docx

Subject Matter

Social Studies, Art, as determined by centers teacher develops.

Learning Objectives

Students will understand how traveling to a region introduces you to a multitude of learning experiences and builds on what you know about a place prior to visiting.

Media Components - Video/Web

China's Great Wall


• Worksheet: China’s Great Wall
• Powerpoint

Teacher Preparation

• Bookmark website or use Powerpoint
• Make copies of Center sheet
• Get supplies for any/all Centers

Introductory Activities

We have been learning about China and how exciting would it be to get to now visit China? What might we learn that we don’t already know? Would knowing some things help us enjoy our trip? Why?
While I would love to take all of you to China, we just can’t do that, so I am hoping we can explore more about China in a new way
  • travel with a friend
  • choose what to explore, can’t do everything; prioritize share what we learn

Learning Activities

• for students: The Great Wall while built to protect China, now needs protecting
• for teachers: how to design and have centers in your class

Culminating Activity

• Share
• Invite others in as students share reflections on their “trip”
• Write summary of what was new learning happened
• Display of favorite learning activity/pair

Cross-Curricular Activity

• variety of learning activities included in Centers determines outcomes
• include stories or folklore, scientific discoveries, art, architecture, miles to get there etc.

Community Connections

• Speakers on a variety of subjects could be recorded and become part of a center
• Students could do research and create a center using their new knowledge and share it with others according to their interests