Lesson Plan: Indian Pride:Ep. 13: Tribal Gaming: G3-5

Written By: Cheryl Long Feather, Bismarck Public School, Bismarck, ND
Grade Level: 3 - 5

Time Allotment

1 Class Period


As a result of this activity, students will understand the authority of Tribes to operate Tribal casinos and the interdependent relationship between the Tribal gaming industry and surrounding communities.

Subject Matter

Social Studies

Learning Objectives

• Students will be able to articulate the basis of authority to operate Tribal casinos.
• Students will comprehend the differences between power, authority, and rights in the complex example of Tribal gaming.
• Students will be able to think critically about the notions of power, authority and rights in the context of Tribal, state and federal governments.


• Photos of area Tribal casinos
• Background information on area Tribal casinos and/or any current newspaper articles that relate to gaming issues
• Episode #113 “Tribal Gaming” of the PBS Indian Pride series