Lesson Plan: Indian Pride: Ep. 5: Culture, Traditions, Celebrations: G7-12

Written By: Renee Becker, FACS Instructor, Bismarck Public Schools, Bismarck, ND
Grade Level: 7 - 12

Time Allotment

2-3 Class Periods


This activity encourages students to explore traditional stories from cultures of people native to the Americas and compare them to stories from other cultures as well. This episode of Indian Pride includes the story of how the skunk got his stripe, which is an excellent one to include in a parenting class. It could be re-played and discussed before and/or during this lesson.

Subject Matter

Family and Consumer Science

Learning Objectives

Understand that knowledge, legends and folktales from American Indians were told by storytellers who passed them on to others orally. Listen to oral stories as told by tribal elders and recognize it was much later that these stories were written down to assure their preservation for future generations. Read additional stories from other cultures that are also meant to teach life lessons and compare/contrast them to those told by American Indians. Identify hidden or deeper meanings in the stories that convey a message to the reader.


Computer with Internet access and Macromedia Flash Player Copies of the stories included on the handout for this lesson plan. (additional examples are available on line) Teachers may also use additional stories they have available. CD of oral storyteller. I used “The Elders Speak” with Mary Louise Defender.

Student Handouts:

  1. IP Handout 105 G7-12
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