Lesson Plan: Indian Pride: Ep. 7: Myths and Real Truths: G7-12

Written By: Renee Becker, Bismarck High School, Bismarck, ND
Grade Level: 7 - 12

Time Allotment

2-3 class periods


“Culture is a powerful influence in each person’s life, but many find it difficult to describe their own culture. Many people are not even aware that they have a culture until they travel to a foreign country or spend time with individuals from another culture. Only then do they realize that other groups of people and other societies have values, beliefs and standards of behavior quite different from their own.” This quote is taken from Journey to Understanding, a publication from the ND Department of Human Services. The purpose of this lesson is to help students understand that many differences among people are due to culture and to recognize the damage of stereotypes/myths.

Subject Matter

Family and Consumer Sciences

Learning Objectives

a. Students will identify what culture is and what factors influence culture.
b. Students will recognize that within a specific culture, there are many variables due to personal taste/preferences.
c. Students will understand why both positive and negative stereotypes can be harmful.
d. Students will become more aware of their stereotypes and consequent actions.


Episode 107 of Indian Pride, Handouts #1 and #2, Large sheets of paper plus sticky notes.

Student Handouts:

  1. IP Handout 107 G7-12
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  2. IP Handout2 107 G7-12
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