Lesson Plan: Indian Pride: Ep. 9, Part 2: Health and Healing: G9-12

Grade Level: 9 - 12

Time Allotment

4 Class Periods


Understand that buffalo meat is nutritious food and the buffalo has been an integral part of Native American life

Subject Matter

Family and Consumer Science

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to
• Match the 20 key vocabulary words to their definitions
• Identify differences between buffalo meat and other red meat
• Understand the nutritional benefits of buffalo meat
• Practice appropriate cooking techniques for buffalo meat
• Recognize the significance of the buffalo and all its parts to Native people
• Learning Objectives:


Handout titled "Buffalo Meat" Handout titled "Cooking Buffalo Meat" Handout titled "Nutrition in Buffalo Meat" Handout titled "Buffalo and Native American People" Recipe using buffalo (compatible with course content and student ability) Set of 40 cards on which to write terms and definitions Materials used as references include: "Native Roots: How Indians Enriched America" by Jack Weatherford, published by Fawcett Columbine, 1991. "The Buffalo Cookbook: Low Fat Solution To Eating Red Meat" by Ruth Mossok Johnston, published by Hancock House. "The Incredible Journey of Lewis and Clark" by Rhoda Blumberg, published by Harper Collins, 1987. United States Department of Agriculture, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (available on-line).

Media used in this lesson:

  1. Indian Pride: Ep. 9: Health and Healing: Part 1
    Video: An examination of health and healing in Indian Country.
  2. Indian Pride: Ep. 9: Health and Healing: Part 2
    Video: An interview discussing the federal government role in American Indian health care.
  3. Indian Pride: Ep. 9: Health and Healing: Part 3
    Video: This video features Paul Buster, a traditional storyteller and singer.
  4. Indian Pride: Ep. 9: Health and Healing: Part 4
    Video: Native American musicians perform modern fiddle music.

Student Handouts:

  1. IP Handout 109 G9-12
    • Download
  2. IP Handout2 p2 109 G9-12
    • Download