Lesson Plan: "Spirit Wolf": Fact or Legend?

Written By: Shelly Gilson
Grade Level: 3-6

Time Allotment

1 hour. Read “Old Three Legs,” story. Activate prior knowledge.
1/2 hr. Map skills. Six counties. Outline “Old Three Legs,” reign of terror.
1/2 hr. View video clips & pictures.
1 1/2 hr. Museum tour. Draw wolf.
2-5 hrs. Create own Legend.
1/2 hr. Share with our Kindergarten Buddies


Teacher finds a highly motivating story for students from the local Museum, Storyteller, Grandparent, etc.
View WDAY news clip, Call of the Wild Program video, & pictures. Students read story, discuss vocabulary,(using QAR:question/answer relationship), to enhance comprehension, test taking & content area.
Students learn map skills using the MN county map, find the 6 counties & highlight. Briefly review numerical data on county map. (population)
Students tour the Becker County Museum, view the Les Kouba print & recreate “Old Three Legs”.
Culminating Activity: Students will write their own story/legend about a native animal of MN & list 6 counties that it terrorized or enhanced.
Share stories with Kindergarten Buddies

Supplemental Materials
Lesson Plan Vocabulary Sheet Article

Shory Stories
Old 3 Legs
Short Story 1
Short Story 2
Short Story 3

Subject Matter

Language Arts (Reading Text Writing Story)
Social - County Map of MN, history
Art - Drawing Wolf

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: read unfamiliar complex & multi-syllabic words using advanced phonetic & structural analysis in grade-appropriate text. Read aloud narrative text with fluency, accuracy & appropriate pacing, intonation & expression.
The student will use a variety of strategies to expand reading, listening & speaking vocabularies. The student will understand the meaning of texts using a variety of strategies & will demonstrate literal, interpretive, inferential & evaluative comprehension. The student will actively engage in the reading process & read, understand, respond to, analyze, interpret, evaluate & appreciate a wide variety of fiction. The student will compose various pieces of writing. The student will engage in writing, with attention to organization, focus & quality of ideas. The student will demonstrate understanding & communicate effectively through listening & speaking. The student will critically analyze information found in electronic & print media, & will use a variety of these sources to learn about a topic & represent ideas. The student will write legibly & use a keyboard. The student will demonstrate an understanding of cultural & historical forms or traditions of visual arts. The student will use maps, globes, geographic information systems, & other sources of information to analyze the nature of places at a variety of scales. The student will analyze historical evidence & draw conclusions. The student will compare & order whole numbers using place value.

Media Components - Video/Web

  • Outdoor TV Show-”Call of the Wild” 1980’s
  • News clip on WDAY
  • ACS 2009: Tour of Museum & Old 3 Legs Restoration


  • CD: Pure Nature: International Wolf Center, Ely, MN. 1998:#362292.
  • Video Clips “Old Three Legs,” stories
  • Writing & Drawing paper
  • Clipboards
  • Map of MN counties
  • Vocabulary Sheet

Teacher Preparation

Focus for Media Interaction: “Spirit Wolf”: Fact or Legend? Students need to write down facts, & myths/legends from the video clips.

Introductory Activities

  1. CD: Wolf Songs
  2. Read 1st two paragraphs
  3. Video Clips ready

Learning Activities

  1. Read text(while listening to CD)
  2. Watch video clips
  3. Map skills
  4. Visit Museum
  5. Draw wolf & background(talk about wildlife artist: Les Kouba)
  6. Write own Legends: trying to use native animals to MN. (deer, fox, prairie chickens, muskie, walleye, sunfish, grouse, pheasants, wolverine, fisher, etc.)
  7. Share with Kindergarten Buddies

Culminating Activity

  1. Visit Museum
  2. Write a legend about MN animals that terrorize or enhance 6 different counties in MN.
  3. Share with our Kindergarten Buddies.

Community Connections

Becker County Museum, Director: Carrie Johnson
ACS: Video Clip