Bill Holm: Through the Window of Brimnes - Holm and Wayne Gudmundson’s Icelandic Heritage

A common Icelandic background brought the two to a study of the Icelandic poet Kirstjan N. Julius, interviewing those in his adopted home of Mountain, North Dakota, who knew the poet.

Meet poet, essayist, musician, teacher, mentor and iconoclast Bill Holm – a Minnesota native who escaped to his small cottage in Iceland every year to create and contemplate.

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Kim Stenhjem (Producer), Bob Dambach (Interviewer), Ryan Sailer (Editor), Dave Geck, Barb Gravel, Ryan Sailer, Frode Tilden (Videographers), Wayne Gudmundson (Host), Barb Gravel (Production Manager), Bob Dambach (Executive Producer)


“Bill Holm: Through the Windows of Brimnes” Prairie Public 2009

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