Building Our Future: Out Migration

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North Dakota has long had population decreases or modest increases, due to outmigration, more deaths in an aging population, and a lower birth rate.  North Dakotans are looking for ways to keep young people in the state or to bring them back, along with attracting new residents, to keep small towns and the state viable.

North Dakota’s population went up in the 2000 census, but only by about 3000 people.  This is the lowest increase of any state in the U.S.  Young people leaving the state or “out-migration” is a major factor in North Dakota’s low population increases and the decline of small communities.

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Matt Olien (Producer); E. Carlson, Dave Geck, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad (Videographers)


Building Our Future.  Prairie Public Broadcasting (2004)

Grade Level

3 - 8

Subject Matter

Social Studies

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