Herd About the Prairie: A Virtual Arts Stampede

"Herd About the Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede" is a public art project for Fargo/Moorhead, accessible and beloved by the people, sponsored by the Lake Agassiz Arts Council. Local artists designed and painted fiberglass bison for public display, some purely decorative, some deeply philosophical, and some whimsical. The profits from the project, which brought together art, business, government and audience, were reinvested in the Arts Council to continue its promotion of the arts community in Fargo and Moorhead.


Hope Deutscher (Producer); Dave Geck, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad, Randy Cadwell (Videographers)


Herd About the Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede, Prairie Public Television (2006)

Grade Level

K - 12

Subject Matter

Arts - Visual Arts