Homesteading - Homesteading Act and the Northern Plains

Originally overlooked as unproductive, the Northern Plains offered opportunity for any determined person to own free or inexpensive land by homesteading. Land grants to railroads also provided a source of land for migrants to the prairie.

In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act and created opportunity for the 372,000 families that poured onto the prairies. The families came for many reasons – a hunger for land, a vision for the future, a longing for adventure, or an interest in profit. Some failed. Some scraped by. Some succeeded and, in the process, put down roots that shaped the region as we know it. Filmed in scenic Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota locations through all four seasons, “Homesteading” blends interviews with historians, the stories told by descendants of homesteaders, and dramatic readings from pioneer diaries and letters to paint a picture of the people who struggled and toiled to create a life for themselves on the prairies.

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Kim Stenehjem (Producer), Heidi Nelson (Editor), Dave Geck, Ryan Sailer, Ben Stommes, Frode Tilden (Videographers), Ryan Sailer, Ben Stommes, Steve Wallevand (Production Assistants), Matt Olien (Narrator), Barb Gravel (Production Manager), Bob Dambach (Executive Producer)


“Homesteading” Prairie Public 2010

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