More Precious Than Gold: Water Management

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Water, whether too much or too little or of poor quality, has long been an issue in North Dakota.  Water issues and attempts to rectify them, as well as explanations of the numerous state, federal and even international agencies involved, are presented.

The Garrison Diversion Conservancy District and the North Dakota Water Commission are the lead agencies for water development in North Dakota.  Together they work to help satisfy the water needs of North Dakota, particularly the Red River Valley.  They help fund water projects, maintain the system of canals in the state and manage and guide water development.

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Bob Dambach (Producer); Randy Cadwell, E. Carlson, Dave Geck, Rravis Jensen, Lee Westad (Videographers)


More Precious than Gold: North Dakota's Water Issues, Prairie Public Television (2003)

Grade Level

3 - 7

Subject Matter

Social Studies, Science

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