Mother Nature In Charge: Leon Osborne - A Closed Basin has Nowhere to Drain

Water will run to the lowest point, and unfortunately in the region the lowest point is Devils Lake.

The Devils Lake Basin is under siege from rising water and has been since the particularly rainy summer of 1993. The personal stories of the Basin’s residents are both heartbreaking and courageous as Mother Nature has been both fickle and in control throughout the lake’s long history.

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Producers: Bob Dambach; Associate Producer: Matt Olien; Editor: Ben Strommes; Videographers: Frode Tilden, Dave Geck, Ben Strommes; Production Assistant: Cassie Larson; Production Manager: Barbara Gravel; Animation: Tim Eissinger, Data3D; Photos Courtesy of: Dr. Allan Ashworth, Jeff Frith, Harriet Horner-Larson, Huck Krueger, U.S. Geological Service, Dan Webster; Executive Producer: Bob Dambach


“Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake Life Stories” Prairie Public 2012

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