Native View: Charlie Hill - Charlie Hill on Humor and Ethnicity

Charlie Hill is featured in stand-up segments, audience response, and as he relates personal experiences.

Humor is as much or more a part of Native American life, as it is in any other culture. Oneida Charlie Hill has taken that humor to the stage as a stand-up comic.

The Turtle Mountain Chippewa (Ojibwa) Tribe and Prairie Public did a series of programs on topics relevant to life on the Turtle Mountain Reservation, hosted by Pam Belgarde. The series portrayed a variety of aspects of Native American life to the public, both Indian and non-Indian, including tradition, art, music, government, gaming, health, education, and economic development.

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Bob Dambach (Executive Producer), Joyce Burr (Producer), Pam Belgarde (Host), Mike Trosman (Managing Producer), Deb Piper (Producer/Director), Dave Geck (Videographer), Sherri Narranjo (Floor Manager), Mike Armstrong (Audio), Paige Anderson (Camera Operator), Steve Borman (Editor), Rochelle Siems (Graphic Design), Mark Sanderson (Video Engineering)


“Native View” Prairie Public and Turtle Mountain Chippewa 1993

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