One Shining Moment - A Part of One's Life and Honor Roll of State B Champions

Class “B” tournament basketball is a highlight of the lives of each athlete, coach, referee, and sportscaster, and participation has led to lifetime friendships. List of championship teams from 1933 through 2000.

The rich history of North Dakota’s premier sporting event comes alive in this stirring documentary. Relive the game-defining moments, historic matches and outstanding players that make Class B basketball a cultural phenomenon in North Dakota.

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Matt Olien (Producer/Writer/Narrator), David Meiers (Assistant Producer/Writer/Consultant), Randy Cadwell, Trina Spaeth, Travis Jensen, Gretchen Jenson, Matt Olien (Videographers), Trina Spaeth, Travis Jensen, Randy Cadwell, Stacy Johnson, Dave Geck (Editors), Stacy Johnson, Tapio Kube, Travis Jensen (Graphics), John Shipley (Production Assistant), Randy Cadwell (Production Manager), Mark Sanderson (Engineering), Bob Dambach (Executive Producer)


“One Shining Moment: The History of the North Dakota State “B”” Prairie Public 2001

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