Painting Concepts: Imagination

Artist Buck Paulson demonstrates a new way to prime a canvas that lets your imagination loose for what your painting will be.

Accomplished artist Buck Paulson has been teaching techniques of oil painting throughout the world, in person and through his “Painting with Paulson” educational series on Prairie Public.

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Painting Concepts - 2015

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  1. Painting Concepts: The Eye
    Video: Buck Paulson concentrates on a single aspect of portrait painting: creating a representational eye. The keys to his technique are the use of light and shading, color, blending, and proportion. In his step-by-step demonstration, students will see the effect that applying these concepts has on the expressive facial feature, the eye.
  2. Painting Concepts: Judging Art
    Video: Buck Paulson uses examples of landscape, abstract, and still life paintings to discuss the criteria for judging art. The three most important values are composition, expression, and—if the work is realistic—representation. Use of light, proportion, and balance all contribute to the finished artwork.
  3. Painting Concepts: Color Theory
    Video: In this demonstration, Paulson shows how the use of color, both in the primed canvas and in the paint that is applied to it, creates energy and expression. Using both a paintbrush and a knife, he applies various colors and then demonstrates how blending them with a paper towel can create different moods through contrasting intensity and transparency.