Prairie Artists: Keith Bear - Morning Star Whispered

In this segment, renowned Mandan and Hidatsa storyteller and flute player Keith Bear from Drags Wolf Village on the Fort Berthold Reservation in northwestern North Dakota sings the song Morning Star Whispered. The song accompanies the traditional story Turtle and Pretty Crane, which Keith describes as an American Indian "Romeo and Juliet." The song and story are included in greater detail on the North Dakota Council on the Arts-produced CD Morning Star Whispered.

Lesson plan with Benchmarks and Standards for Grades 9-12: Music, English Language Arts, and Social Studies

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Bob Dambach (Producer); Heidi Nelson (Editor); Dave Geck (Videographe)r; Barb Gravel (Production Manager)


"Prairie Artists" Prairie Public 2009

Grade Level


Subject Matter

Arts - Music, English Language Arts, Social Studies

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