Prairie Musicians: Tim Sparks - Turkish Influence

Composer Naftule Brandwein was heavily influenced by Turkish music as Sparks explains prior to this song, "A Few Bowls Turkish." Listen for Brandwein’s signature sounds as Sparks’ fingers move up and down the scale and for the trills that would often appear in Brandwein’s songs.

An award-winning acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, Tim Sparks draws influence from early American music including gospel, jazz, and be-bop. Sparks invites viewers on an imaginary journey throughout the United States in the 1920s as he plays his renditions of songs that were popular then. He also takes us on a musical trip to visit the cowboys of northern Brazil. Throughout his musical performances his style and technique shine through.

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Producer/Director-Barbara Gravel Editor-Heidi Nelson Audio-Steve Wallevand & Chris Wilkes Camera-Heidi Nelson, Ben Strommes, Frode Tilden, Ryan Sailer Lighting/Set Design-Barbara Gravel, Ryan Sailer, Frode Tilden Graphics-Ben Strommes Production Manager-Barbara Gravel Closed Captioning-Armour Captioning Executive Producer-Bob Dambach


"Prairie Musicians" Prairie Public 2011

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