Prairie Pulse: Clay Jenkinson - Bill Guy’s Navy and Political Careers

Jenkinson relates details of Governor Guy’s friendships with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, his navy service during World War II, and his family after the end of the clip of the documentary. He also talks of Governor Link’s conservation ethic.

Historian, historical character portrayer, documentary producer and author Clay Jenkinson is interviewed by Prairie Pulse host John Harris regarding his work with the Dakota Institute, particularly his documentary on former Governor William L. Guy, called “The Charisma of Competence.”They discuss Guy’s life and political career and the many interviews done with Guy, his wife Jean, and colleagues.

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John Harris III (Host), Matt Olien (Producer), Ryan Sailer (Editor), Dave Geck (Director), Barb Gravel and Kim Tracy (Audio), Doug Van Tassel and Robert Frishman (Videographers), Heidi Nelson (Graphics), Barb Gravel (Production Manager), Bob Dambach (Executive Producer)


“Prairie Pulse: Clay Jenkinson” Prairie Public 2010

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