Prairie Pulse: Dr. Jarret Brachman - Current Anti-Terrorism and al-Qaeda

The professor discusses the frustration of anti-terrorism agencies in the US and the challenges of global coordination of anti-terrorism, as well as the evolution of al-Qaeda.

Host John Harris III discusses the background, education and career of North Dakota State University professor Dr. Jarret Brachman of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute and NDSU’s Security Programs. A Fargo native, Brachman has spent his career with government agencies and in academia centered on research on terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda, understanding them and using that knowledge to prevent terrorist attacks.

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John Harris III (Host), Matt Olien (Producer), Ryan Sailer (Director/Editor), Steve Rogers, Erik Wohlrabe (Videographers), Preston Johnson, Steve Wallevand (Audio), Heidi Nelson (Graphics), Barb Gravel (Production Manager), Bob Dambach (Executive Producer)


“Prairie Pulse: Dr. Jarret Brachman” Prairie Public 2010

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