Stewards of the Land: Odegard Farm

Growing a wide variety of grains, the Odegaards seeded marginal land to grass, mulch tilled, rotated grazing pasture and networked with other participating farmers.

“Stewards of the Land” takes an in-depth look at the results of a five-year Conservation Agriculture Program study involving four test farms in the Devils Lake Basin of North Dakota. The farmers took land out of rotation near wetlands, experimented with “no till” farming practices, and participated in soil testing studies to see if certain conservation practices could increase yields and profits, while also being environmentally friendly.

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Matt Olien (Producer, Writer, Narrator), Lee Westad, Mike Stromenger, Kak Lee (Editors, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad, Kak Lee, Mike Stromenger, Patrick Joyner, Katie Walker (Videographers), Patrick Joyner, John Shipley, Katie Walker, Ron Albert, Kayla Redlin (Production Assistants), Barb Gravel (Production Manager), Bob Dambach and Kim Stenjehem (Executive Producers)

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