Water: The Lifeblood

Energy is required for nearly every part of our modern lives: electricity to power our gadgets and lights, fuel to power our cars, and in the agriculture industry both electricity and fuel are needed to get food to our tables. But did you know that water is the key to all of these? Water is not only the lifeblood of the human body, but also the lifeblood of our energy production.

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Producer: Bob Dambach Associate Producers/Writers: Charlene Crocker, Daniel Daly Edito:r Ryan Sailer Data3D: Tim Eissenger Graphics: Ben Stommes Videographers: David Geck, Frode Tilden, Ryan Sailer, Ben Strommes, Barbara Gravel, Heidi Nelson Narrator: Joyce Eisenbraun Production Manger: Barbara Gravel Closed Captioning: Armour Captioning


"Water: The Lifeblood" Prairie Public 2011

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