WWII Prairie Memories - American Ingenuity and Allied Tenacity and Vengeance

Accounts of their experiences are given by amy officer Bernie Wagner, Valley City, ND; infantryman Ambrey Thomas, Moorhead, MN; marine paratrooper Lyle Bjone, Kathryn, ND; Canadian infantryman Elmer Rempel, Morris, MB, sailor David Boisjolie, Fargo, ND; and Canadian Army signalman Sam Sadler.

World War II veterans are extraordinary – their bravery inspires us and their sacrifices secured the freedoms we treasure. WWII Prairie Memories is an important collection of veteran voices, a precious piece of history, that communicates the personal challenges and spiritual experience that define this generation of heroes. All three episodes are compilations of selected veteran narratives recorded at these locations: Veterans Bonanzaville USA, West Fargo ND; ND Cowboy Hall of Fame, Medora ND; Prairie Public Studios, Fargo ND; Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center, Moorhead MN; and Morris Legion, Morris MB.

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