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Present Day Culture

The Mandan and Hidatsa tribes actively practice their tribal clanship ties. At present, many persons are adopted into a clan, but it should be noted that adoption is only on an individual basis—the entire family doesn’t immediately belong to that clan—only the individual who is adopted. The children of the woman who are adopted become members of the mother’s clan, not a member of the father’s clan. The members of the father’s clan are considered clan aunts and clan fathers. Members of the mother’s clan are clan brothers and clan sisters.

The Miripati (Waterbuster) Clan has a keeper of the sacred bundle who prays for all tribes. Once a year, the clan gets together for praying, feasting, and dancing in celebration of the bundle return, and to maintain the safe daily storage of the bundle. The Three Clan (Flint Knife, Low Cap, and Alkalai Lodge) maintains a sacred bundle with a keeper.

Active societies include the Antelope Society, Fox Society, and Enemy Women’s Society. Although the traditions have adapted to modern times, members still maintain their identities as being a member of these societies. Other societies sponsor annual celebrations throughout the reservation.

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