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Documents - Document 1 - Centennial Poem

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Centennial Poem

One hundred years ago today
Our people gathered here to pray
They’d built a little church of Gold
In which to pray and worship God

T’was not till 1882
That Father Malo was passing through
He stopped and blessed the families here
Saying he’d return another year

In 1885 he did come back
And made his home in the little shack
This time he said that he would stay
Thanking God they knelt to pray
Twelve years here he spent teaching
Absolving sins, baptizing, and preaching

Then Father Malo had a plan
To name this church for good St. Ann
He told the people of her love
Her many graces from above
Soon they too became aware
Of St. Ann’s powers and in her care
They placed their sorrows and their fears
Their faith increased throughout the years

The Novena to her first began
On the Feast day of St. Ann
In 1885 the 26th of July
100 years has since gone by

Many people came from far
With horse and buggy before the car
They brought their clothes and food supplies
At night they slept beneath the skies

They came for prayer and adoration
Nine days of worship and celebration
They brought the sorrowing and the weak
Healing and comfort they did seek
And as they prayed before God’s altar
The weak and sick no longer falter
Those with ears so full of pain
Blessings and graces they did gain

And now in 1985
This undying faith is still alive
We still invoke her intercession
And honor her in a procession
St. Ann has been our loyal friend
Watching over us to the end

The poem was written in honor of St. Ann’s Centennial by Stella Davis.

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