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  • American Indian Games

    Click here for an explanation for American Indian games and why they were played.

    This following games that can be played in the classroom or on the playground. The challenge to each student is to research and play more American Indian games, particularly ones played by the American Indians of North Dakota! Ideas include:

    1. Have students research additional games Plains Indians played.
    2. Have students teach a game to the entire class.
    3. Have students create the game pieces for an Indian game, explain the game to a partner or a small group, and then play the game with them. Change groups and play it again with a new partner or small group.
    4. Have students use a two-circle Venn Diagram to compare and contrast games played today by many children with those played by American Indians of North Dakota in the 1800s.
    American Indian Games
    Tchung-Kee (chun-kee) Stick Passing Game Hand Game
    Stick Game Foot Races Keeper of the Fire
    Bowl Game Hubbub Feather Darts
    Hoop and Lance/Pole Ring and Pin Ring Toss
    Double Ball    

    The following Internet sites are good sources for American Indian games.