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    of Pioneer Children

    There were several games played by pioneer children that are still played today in homes, schools, and on the playground. Hide-and-Seek, baseball, jump rope, tag, and string games are just a few. Word games were played both at home and at school, because these games helped the children learn language skills. Games involving guessing were also popular, because these games were good brain exercises and helped students develop their thinking skills.

    Directions are provided below for several of the games that were played during the early settlement era and are still played today. There are many more that are not covered; therefore, research more games pioneer children played. In addition, find out what types of toys the children of that time period played with to occupy any free time they may have had.

    Outdoor Games
    Fox and Geese Drop the Handkercheif Dare Base
    Shadow Tag Last Couple Out Blind Man's Bluff
    Chain Tag Marbles  


    Indoor Games
    Hot and Cold Ducks Fly Jack Straws
    Simon Says Who Has the Button Checkers
    Math Buzz Mental Arithmetic I Have a Basket
    Twenty Questions Cupid's Coming Taboo

    Several web sites give directions for games played by pioneer children, along with the types of toys that were played with for entertainment.