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Unit 3. Johnson’s Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, & Kansas

This map was published by Johnson and Browning 1862 shortly after Dakota Territory was organized. It measures 14 by 18 inches. Source: SHSND 978.1862 J63.

Johnson Nebraska Dakota Colorado and Kansas map
Johnson's map of Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, and Kansas,
1861, 1862. Click on image to view a larger version
in another window.

Alvin Johnson’s map shows the boundaries of the newly organized Dakota Territory which included at that time portions of the present states of Montana and Wyoming. Though the map shows numerous Indian tribes and their homelands, the new territorial capital at Yankton is not located on the map. Johnson’s eastern boundary of Dakota Territory is in the general area, but not quite tied to the Red River of the North.

Map Activity: Place the towns of Yankton and Pembina on this map. A line represents the “proposed Pacific railroad” route. What is the advantage of the proposed route over the route the Northern Pacific eventually built through northern Dakota Territory?