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Unit 5. Map of the Trunk Highway System, State of North Dakota

This map was printed in1924 for the use of travelers in the state. This map measures 38 by 24 inches. Source: SHSND 388.1 N 864m.

North Dakota highway map, 1924
North Dakota Highway Trunk Map, 1924. Click on
image to view a larger version in another window.

Cars were widely used by 1924, and especially popular with farm families. However, this map indicates the difficulty of traveling around the state, or even from the countryside to town, by automobile in the 1920s. Few roads were paved or graveled. Travel was slow and often impossible when muddy or snow drifted. Drivers had to be prepared to change tires often, perhaps as much as four times between farm and town when the roads were badly rutted.

more detailed section of the 1924 highway map
More detailed section of the 1924 highway
map. Click image to view a larger
version in a new window.

Map Activity: Read the map key carefully. How many miles of paved roads were available to drivers in 1924? Where were they located? Which of the highway numbers are still in use today? How do North Dakota roads compare to roads in western Minnesota or northern South Dakota?