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Unit 6: Hard Times and War, 1929 - 1945

This unit studies the effects of the Great Depression and World War II on North Dakota.  The Great Depression and the drought of the early 1930s led to even harder times on farms and in North Dakota’s cities.  The state continued to experience political turmoil during the governorship of William Langer.   However, North Dakotans who served their nation in World War II came home to good jobs and prosperous farms. 

Document Sets:

Document Set 1: The Great Depression and the Drought

Document Set 2: The United Farmers League

Document Set 3: The Internment Diary of Toyojiro Suzuki

Document Set 4: The Soldiers of World War II

Document Set 5: The French Gratitude Train

Document Set 6: The North Dakota Capitol: Fire and

Document Set 7: The Civilian Conservation Corps: Youth in the Great Depression